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Examples of accepted formats
  1. RCTab format (JSON)
  2. Opavote's Online Elections (JSON)
  3. ElectionBuddy Preferential Voting (CSV)
  4. Dominion's "RCV Short Report" (XLSX)

To use RCVis, you need to upload the results of an election or poll which has already occured. RCVis does not host any RCV polls, it only visualizes the results of an election.

Other ways to try out RCVis
  1. Check out some examples
  2. Create a poll on rankit
  3. Host an election on ElectionBuddy

If you're curious about using RCVis for an upcoming election, please get in touch at [email protected]. If you're just poking around, you can explore previous elections which used RCVis.

You do not need an account to browse RCVis. Accounts are only useful for election administrators and other power-users who wish to create new visualizations based on existing data.

Perhaps you want to create an RCV poll on rankit.vote instead? Rankit data is automatically exported to RCVis and you do not need to create an account on RCVis to create or view rankit data.

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