Ranked Choice Voting ballots are easy to fill out.

RCVIS makes the results easy to understand, too.

Charts, graphs, and tables to help your audience understand the results of a Ranked Choice Voting election. Export to Wikipedia, embed with HTML, or share to social media.

What is Ranked Choice Voting?

RCV is just like a regular election, except you can have backup choices. If your top pick gets the fewest votes, they are eliminated and your vote is transferred to your next choice.

Learn more on our medium post: An Illustrated Guide to Ranked Choice Voting.

Types of Visualizations

Bar Charts
Sankey Diagrams
Single Table Summary

More Resources

Create an RCV poll

With a button to export to rcvis

Advocate for RCV

Champions of electoral reform, including RCV

Tabulate the results of an RCV election

Multiple algorithms for tabulating individual votes to round-by-round results. RCVIS can read these results

Implement RCV in your jurisdiction

Best practices and resources for implementing RCV